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Gento was established with the sole mission of providing you with the highest quality products while creating income-generating opportunities that improve the lives of people in rural communities of Guatemala. Gento Coffee is inspired by the word "gente" meaning "people". We are focused on improving the quality of life of everyone that has contact with our brand. From improving the experience of drinking a great cup of coffee, to improving the livelihoods of people from the communities that we buy our products from.



100% - High Quality - Origin Coffee

We want to revolutionize inefficient value chains by providing the world with direct access to the best coffee produced 100% at origin. Our coffee is grown, freshly roasted to-order, and packaged in Guatemala. This allows us to build direct partnerships with the producers we buy from throughout the year, and guarantee higher incomes for them.

We are behind each step of the process to guarantee the highest quality, farm to cup. Our team travels around Guatemala in search of amazing coffees, and we perfectly roast each one in small batches to bring out it's unique flavor characteristics, assuring a delicious and balanced cup. We are farmers ourselves, so we know what it takes to produce great coffee applying sustainable practices, we also understand the needs of our producing partners. We seek to build long term relationships with the producers and artisans we buy from so we can: 

Pay Beyond Fair Trade Prices

Eliminate Middle Men

Create Income Diversification Opportunities

Transfer Knowledge

Profit Sharing & Giving Back

10% of our profits are invested back in the rural communities we work with through our projects and partners that we believe will create sustainable impact. Many of the coffee communities we work in are lacking in various areas and facing difficult challenges. We understand that without investing in these basic needs the communities will not be able to sustain future generations of empowered farmers and artisans. Our main projects focus on:




Our Products

Our team travels around Guatemala sourcing unique and beautiful coffees and products. Find delicious freshly roasted coffee and other products, handcrafted in Guatemala, delivered right to your door.

Giving Back

Gento is commited to sharing our profits to improve livelyhoods and invest in a better future for the rural communities we source from. Learn about our Gento giving back programs and the causes we support.

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