Frequently Asked Questions


  • How can I cancel my subscription?

    Monthly Rebillable Subscriptions can be canceled at any time under the My Subscriptions heading once you log in to your account. If you’ve already been billed for this month’s coffee, your cancellation will take effect in the next billing cycle.

  • What coffee subscriptions do you offer?

    You can subscribe to get your freshly roasted coffee each month automatically.
    You may choose from a variety of options and varied quantities to best fit your coffee needs. Check out our options under Subscription Coffee.

Coffee Facts

  • What is Origin Coffee?

    100% Origin Coffee means that the product is grown, roasted, and packaged in the country of origin. In our case Guatemala!
    Unlike “single origin” or “single farm” coffees, 100% origin coffee means all the value is added at the country where the product is grown.This means we make our supply chain as short as possible and keep direct relationships with the producers we buy from throughout the year. Furthermore, 100% origin coffee guarantees various hands are employed in-country, and the activity generates revenue and raises taxes locally, benefiting the country of origin. 

  • How should I store my coffee beans?

    We recommend storing coffee in a cool, dry place, away from heat and light, in its original packaging, or an airtight container.
    The levels of moisture present in the refrigerator and freezer can greatly accelerate flavor loss. We don't recommend storing beans in the refrigerator and can only recommend storage in the freezer under specific circumstances (namely long term, uninterrupted periods).

About Gento

  • What do you mean by paying "Beyond Fair Trade" prices?

    For decades coffee has only been traded and valued as a commodity product worldwide. Prices usually are determined by the NY C-Market which does not take into account factors like quality, process, cost of production, and inflation. At Gento we believe coffee is a greatly undervalued product. We are farmers ourselves so we understand the hard work that goes into producing a high quality cup of coffee. We also know that behind every cup there is a hard working family, and many many families depend on coffee to bring food to the table. This is why our business model focuses on building long term relationships with producers, understanding theirs cost of production, and making sure that they make a profit so the can continue to thrive, provide for their families, and produce amazing coffees. Our vision is to revolutionize value chains by providing the world with direct access to the best coffee and products produced 100% in Guatemala. This will allow us to pay premiums directly to the producers, and to implement plans for poverty alleviation and wealth creation in coffee producing communities.

  • Why do you have a giving back program?

    GENTO Coffee is committed to sharing our profits and investing in a better future for rural Guatemalan communities. We have realized there are various critical issues that need to be addressed to create sustainable impact and improve livelihoods in many of these rural community. We give back 20% of our profits to projects and partners that work in the communities we source from. As a business we believe we can play a big role in these communities by investing in improving livelihoods and building better futures for Guatemalan families. We also want to involve our loyal customers in the process as we spread kindness together one bag at a time.
    Read more about our program in our Giving Back secition.

  • Do you offer certified coffees?

    At GENTO we are committed to Sustainability. We ensure that good practices are applied every step of the way and have more rigorous standards than many certifications meeting social, environmental, and economic best practices.  We are able to verify it ourselves as we are located at the source, in Guatemala. We strive to build direct and long term relationships with our suppliers ensuring that we all work together to build a sustainable value chain.


  • What shipping methods are available for coffee and other products?

    Getting fresh coffee directly from Guatemala has never been so easy!

    Standard shipping (USA address ONLY):

    If you live in the United States you can receive coffee directly to your door for as low as $6.00 per shipment.

    STANDARD SHIPPING is 7 to 12 business days.

    *Free Standard Shipping for orders over 10 lbs.


    Express Shipping World Wide:

    Express shipping 2 business days worldwide.


    *Please note that your coffee is roasted to order, please allow 24-48 for processing time.

    *For Orders over 15 lbs please email us to get discounted offers.

  • I live in Guatemala, how can I order coffee locally?

    If you live in Guatemala we can provide your with personalized service and great local offers. Contact us at our local office (502) 3106-0318 or email us at


    You can also find our coffees at the following stores in Guatemala City:

    El Cafecito - Plaza Convenia, Zona 10

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