Gento Coffee is committed to sharing our profits and investing in a better future for rural Guatemalan communities. We have realized there are various critical issues that need to be addressed to create sustainable impact and improve livelihoods in many of these rural communities.

We give back


of our profits to projects and partners that work in the communities we source from.


We believe education is the ultimate form of empowerment. In a country where over 70% of the population lives in poverty, and only 60 % of children finish 6th grade, receiving opportunities to get an education can make a big difference. Many times the children want to go to school, but due to lack of resources to purchase supplies and economic needs at home, they don’t finish school and begging to work at early ages, fostering cycles of poverty. With the Gento Giving back program we are sponsoring scholarships equally for young girls and boys from the communities we source from. Our first scholarships have gone to the daughters of the Gento Collection weavers, who are committed to studying and getting a better education but need support to finish school. 


We partner with organizations that are have preventive and curative health programs in rural coffee communities and reaching many women, children and entire families. The work we support is through local medical clinics or medical missions that focus on providing general medical care, odontology, and ophthalmology attention. In addition, the clinics work in training women on best practices for hygiene, self-care, and preventive health issues.

Food Security

Food security is a grave concern in Guatemala, especially when it comes to children. Half of all children in the country under 5 are chronically malnourished. One of the primary reasons Guatemala faces such high levels of chronic malnutrition is that families lack resources to produce or buy foods that meet nutrition needs. Families also lack information on healthy feeding practices for infants and children. We support organizations that assist families to have access to sufficient and nutritious food all year round. This is done by promoting sustainable agricultural practices; improving the livelihoods and capacities of small scale famers, and teaching them how to prepare healthier and nutritious meals for their family.

Impact Report

At Gento we are committed to sharing our profits and investing in a better future for rural Guatemalan communities. Learn about our Giving Back programs and the causes we have supported to improve people's livelyhoods in our impact report.

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