In Guatemala, weaving is an integral part of a Mayan woman’s daily life

It is an important responsibility that is passed on from generation to generation. Mayan women are the poorest sector in Guatemalan society, finding themselves in a disadvantaged because of being Mayan and women; they are marginalized, and lack access to opportunities. Many women weavers we support are monolingual and illiterate, because when they were children only boys were sent to school. We also support young girls to finish school so they can have a brighter future with access to opportunities. 

Empowering Local Artisans Through Our Sustainable Buying Model

We created a buying model that partners with local artisans to empower them and boost local economies. We buy directly from the weavers or directly from organizations that work with groups of women. This way we are able to offer them a better return for their work, often five or ten times as much as they would get by selling their products in the local markets. We have partnered with organizations that work on improving designs, skills, and entrepreneurial development so that they can grow their small business and increase their income.

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