Don't settle for stale coffee...drink it fresh!

Published: 2018-09-09

We are excited to announce that now you can get your freshly roasted coffee shipped from Guatemala directly to your door each month! Can you believe that shipping is as low as $6.00? And the best part is that each bag gives back!

We curate some of Guatemala's best coffees and roast them to-order in small batches, by the time you receive your coffee it is rested and it will have developed all sorts of amazing flavor compounds that you only are able to enjoy when your coffee is fresh. And it really can't get any fresher than this.

Because our focus in on high quality coffees, we are behind each step of the process, farm to cup. Our team of experts travels around Guatemala visiting our producing partners at their farms, and then we make sure they are roasted to perfection to bring out all the unique flavors that each specific coffee has due to the unique terroir it is grown in.

By purchasing Gento Coffee you are part of a new model that provides better income for farmers and artisans. So check out our store or get a monthly coffee subscription and never run out of freshly roasted coffee again!



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