Green Beans Pacas 5 lbs
Green Beans Pacas 5 lbs
Green Beans Pacas 5 lbs
Green Beans Pacas 5 lbs

Green Beans Pacas 5 lbs

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Tasting Notes Floral, peach, and panela notes. Full-bodied.
Score 86+ 
Region Fraijanes
Producer Ellen Prentice, Harvest 2021
Altitude 1,750mts
Varietal Pacas

Double washed and dried on raised beds


Produced by Ellen Prentice this is a special micro-lot of the variety, Pacas. This is a fully-washed coffee giving it clarity and cleanliness and dried slowly on raised beds.  Ellen, an Agronomist, has managed this boutique farm for 10 years focusing on producing high-quality specialty coffees.

Versatile coffee perfect in a light or medium roast to bring out floral and bright flavors. Also, excellent as espresso because of its full body.



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