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Coop Rio Azul
Coop Rio Azul
Coop Rio Azul

Coop Rio Azul

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Coffee Spoon for tasting notes - taste the specialty coffee of Gento
Tasting Notes Sweet and balanced with notes of caramel and chocolate
The unique coffee regions throughout Guatemala where are specialty coffee is produced Region Huehuetenango
Gento works with producers throughout Guatemala to ensure living wage, pays beyond fair trade prices Producer Small-Producer Coop
Altitude, how high up the coffee was grown this is important for taste and coffee profile notes Altitude 1,500 - 1,800mts
coffee Varietals taste the different flavors and profiles within each coffee bean Varietal Bourbón & Caturra
Process how we wash the coffee and process the beans from sun drying to other methods Process Fully washed and sun-dried


Cooperativa Rio Azul was founded in 1976 by coffee-producing families from the town of Jacaltenango, Huehuetenango. Today, they have 240 members and the coop is recognized internationally for its ability to provide high-quality coffees consistently each year. Coffee is picked by members throughout the day and then delivered in cherry form to the mill each afternoon. The coffee is de-pulped, fermented, and washed at the centralized wet-mill and then spread out to sun-dry on the Coop's patios. Rio Azul is committed to economic, social, and environmental sustainability initiatives with its members and is focused on promoting wellbeing for all its members. Coop Rio Azul is Fair Trade Certified.

Directly from origin

Our coffee is grown, freshly roasted, packaged and shipped directly from Guatemala.

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Ships Freshly Roasted

Coffees are shipped via courier within 48 hours of being roasted. You'll receive your coffee at its peak flavor.

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Ethical & Transparent

Ten Percent of Gento’s profits are given directly to the rural communities in which we work.

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