Ferrero Rocher Latte

ferrer rocher latte recipe with hot coffee

Ferrero Rocher always reminds me of Christmas; it's something our family has stuffed into Christmas stockings for years. 

Here is a cheery new take on the latte to wake up to:

  • 5-6 chocolates Ferrero Rocher
  • 2 oz of hot coffee from a Moka pot or Espresso machine (we recommend our Los Volcanes coffee for this recipe)
  • 3 oz of cold milk
  • Whipped cream
  • Iced cubes
  1. In a bowl add 2-3 Ferrero Rocher chocolates and hot coffee. Smash with a spoon until dissolved.
  2. In a tall glass, Add ice, the mixture of coffee and chocolate, and cold milk.
  3. Top off with whipped cream and decorate with Ferrero Rocher Chocolates. Enjoy!

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