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Our house coffee—deliciously sweet balanced and full-bodied, with notes of chocolate and citrus. A third-generation coffee producer, Don Roberto is named after our grandfather who started the family farm. Located in the mountains of Fraijanes, the remarkable quality of Don Roberto is the result of hard work and family tradition.


If you love bolder coffees then this is the subscription for you. Each month, we’ll send you a different selection of our best-selling medium to dark roasted coffees. You’ll receive an assortment of freshly roasted coffees—from sweet and balanced with notes of caramel and panela to bold and full-bodied with dark chocolate and molasses notes.


This is our best-selling blend, sophisticated and balanced, with notes of chocolate fudge, orange zest, molasses, and a hint of red berries. The Gento Blend melds three different regions: Huehuetenango, Fraijanes and San Marcos. The result is a sweet, creamy, and bright cup of coffee.


Our most popular subscription! Discover the best we have to offer with this single-origin subscription. Try different varieties and regions of our favorite lighter roasted coffees. Designed for coffee connoisseurs seeking to explore unique and bright coffee flavors. 


This 100% organic bourbón has a smooth body with floral and sweet caramel notes. It’s produced by Genaro Juárez, a coffee farmer with a fully certified organic coffee farm. Genaro has won multiple awards in the Best of San Marcos Coffee Regional Competition.


Los Volcanes is a delicious blend of Huehuetenango and Fraijanes regions. Presenting well-balanced notes of chocolate and caramel, Los Volcanes is perfect for your everyday cup of coffee. This medium roast is our most popular office subscription.

Guatemala subscriptions are available on the local Guatemalan website:

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