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Specialty Guatemalan Coffee

High-Quality Bulk Coffee Beans




Whether you're a dedicated roaster in search of premium green beans sourced directly from their country of origin or seeking farm-to-table, freshly roasted specialty coffee, we're your ideal partner for all things coffee.

Grow coffee sales, diversify your offerings by adding a guest roaster to your lineup, and collaborate with us to bypass unnecessary middlemen in the coffee supply chain. Let's work together and redefine your coffee experience together.

Farm to Table

Specialty Guatemalan coffee directly from the country of origin.

Roast to Order

We freshly roast to order every purchase so you get the freshest coffee available.

White Label

Coffee packaging can be customized with your branded labels and bags.


Who We Are

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100% Origin Coffee

Our Founder

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Custom Consultation

Customized consultation with our team to support sales, training, and menu customization.

Custom White Label

Use your own packaging and branding for a customized look. You can personalize any order.

Marketing Materials

We'll support you every step of the way with farm photos and marketing content for promotional purposes.

Supports Local Communities

Gento gives back 10% of profits to local communities to support food insecurity programs and women's education.

Beyond Fair Trade

As farmers ourselves, we understand the challenges producers face. We ensure coffee is paid well above fair trade prices.

Only the Best Quality

The best tasting coffee you'll have with handpicked specialty coffee grown at high altitudes.

From Our Clients


All the coffees develop great flavors. I really like the concept of purchasing directly from the growers who also roast their own coffee.


Denver, Colorado


The coffee is crisp and clean while bringing a depth of flavor our customers love. The coffee is fresh and delivered swiftly to ensure we are rarely without!


Los Angeles, CA

Reach Out to Us Directly

Talk to us today about our diverse range of wholesale programs tailored for both roasted and green bean coffees. We'd love to learn more about your business needs and how we can support you. Please send us a message and our team will assist you. 

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