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Quality that empowers
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We don't cut corners. Gento pays above fair trade prices to ensure higher incomes for farming families.

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We are revolutionizing inefficient value chains by providing the world with direct access to the best coffee produced 100% at origin.


We promote economic, social, and environmental sustainability to empower future generations of coffee farmers.

Why Gento Exists

Most farmers do not have direct access to the coffee market and must rely on middlemen to sell and distribute their coffee. Since coffee is a commodity, a volatile market and low prices mean small profits for farmers. According to the Coffee Barometer, of a $200 billion industry, “only 10% of the aggregate wealth of coffee stays within the producing countries.”

This means that 90% of the revenue in the coffee industry goes to importing, roasting, and the retail process. The majority of these functions happen in consuming countries, leaving farmers vulnerable with the majority of the risk and least amount of the profit.

study by the Specialty Coffee Association reported that 60% of coffee-growing families in Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Mexico are experiencing food insecurity. Gento’s mission is to enact change through high-quality, high-impact coffees.

Quality That Empowers

Gento is revolutionizing inefficient value chains by providing the world with direct access to the best Guatemalan coffee produced 100% at origin. By eliminating middlemen and roasting our coffees in the country where they are grown, we promote farmer-roasted coffees. All of our coffee is grown, freshly roasted to order, and packaged in Guatemala. This allows us to generate more value in-country to create a more equitable coffee experience and pay farmers beyond fair trade prices. 

Our goal is to build long term relationships with producers directly so we can:




Improving Farmer Livelihoods

Giving Back

A Farm-to-Cup Experience

To guarantee the highest quality, Gento operates each step of the coffee process —farm to cup. Our team of experts travels around Guatemala curating amazing coffees, then we perfectly roast each one in small batches to bring out its unique flavor characteristics, assuring a delicious and balanced cup.

Your coffees are roasted to order and will ship via courier in order to arrive at the peak of freshness. From Guatemala to you, as fresh as coffee can get!

High Impact, High Quality

We established Gento with the mission of providing you with the highest quality products while also creating income-generating opportunities that improve the lives of people in the rural communities of Guatemala. Gento Coffee is inspired by the Spanish word "gente" meaning "people."

We are focused on improving the quality of life of everyone that has contact with our brand—from improving the experience of drinking a great cup of coffee to improving the livelihoods of people from the communities in which we buy our products.