How to Make Cold Brew Coffee at Home

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee at Home
Now that we are in the full swing of hot summer months, nothing is better than starting your mornings with cold brew coffee!

We ventured into making our own cold brew a few years ago. It is relatively easy to make, but be sure to keep your grind consistency top of mind. Too finely ground beans will give your cold brew a bitter flavor and will be harder to filter out.

Supplies needed:

1. A pitcher (we use gallon size at our house to use this coffee for the whole week)

2. Coffee grinder

3. Your coffee of choice (Gento's Cold Brew Blend works perfectly for this type of brew!)

Direction to make your old cold brew at home:

1. Measure 3 cups of whole coffee beans.

2. Grind your beans coarsely.

3. Pour the ground beans into your pitcher and add 8 cups of water to the pitcher

4. Leave in the fridge for at least 24 hours (stir occasionally).

5. Once the coffee is steeped enough, filter out the coffee grounds with a mesh strainer or cheesecloth into another pitcher. What’s left is the cold brew concentrate.

6. Fill a glass with ice and half of it with filtered water. Fill up the rest with your coffee concentrate (you can make this as strong or as diluted as you would like) and stir.

I prefer my cold brew black, but you can add milk or simple syrup as needed. This pitcher of cold brew lasts us (2 humans) for about 1 week (14-15 cups) in our house.

If you are really enjoying cold brew at home and want to get some equipment so you can make better and more consistent batches we recommend the following brands:

- Toddy Cold Brew System Home edition

- Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Pot, 1000 ml

- Primula Burke Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

Does cold-brew coffee have more caffeine?

Yes! It will give you the shakes if you’re not careful. The caffeine content of coffee varies wildly, but a cup of cold-brew coffee can have more caffeine than regular coffee if you don’t dilute it too much. This is because during extraction contact between coffee and grounds is for long periods of time (12 hours +) extracting more caffeine than a regular cup of joe.

How long does cold-brew coffee last?

If it’s refrigerated, it should last up to two weeks. After that coffee may start becoming acidic. Whether you’ll taste the difference depends on your palate. If you’ve added water, it may cut the shelf life down, so try to leave room for some water after you’ve poured it into a glass. I’ve included some other fun recipes that you can use with this cold brew recipe for the summer below.

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Iced Coffee Latte
  • 4 oz of cold brew (strong)
  • 1/2 cup milk or cream
  • 1 tablespoons vanilla syrup
  • 1 cup ice

Cold Brew Affogato
  • ½ cup of your Cold Brew Concentrate
  • 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream (or more - we don’t judge)
  • Caramel, nuts, chocolate shavings to decorate

Gento Carajillo Cocktail Drink
  • 1.25oz of Licor 43
  • 2oz of cold brew made from our signature Gento Coffee Cold Brew Blend
  • Pour over ice
  • Garnish with an orange slice

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