Let’s Grab a Cup of Coffee!

Let’s Grab a Cup of Coffee!

This week I ran into a friend that I hadn’t seen in months. After a brief catch-up, I ended our chat by saying, “Let’s grab a cup of coffee next week.” Speaking those words felt odd—inviting a friend out to coffee isn’t something I have done in over a year. 

Last week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention loosened mask regulations for individuals who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. This decision feels like we are finally on the cusp of returning to normal. For many, this will mean reconnecting with friends and family members that they only saw sparingly, if at all, throughout the last year. With people now free to travel, dine out, and enjoy beverages with friends, grabbing a cup of coffee will once again be a platform to reconnect to the people around us.

Coffee is so much more than a caffeine boost. It’s an excuse to catch up with a friend, it’s an opportunity to tell a story, and it’s a safe place to get to know someone better. Gento comes from the Spanish word people, and while Gento Coffee’s mission is to make life better for all people—from the coffee farmers to the coffee drinkers—sipping on a cup of coffee is just as much about connecting with people.

Why is it human nature to catch up with a friend over a cup of coffee?

It’s in coffee’s DNA. Some of the world’s first coffeehouses were in the Ottoman Empire and served as a place to get together and socialize. In France, early coffeehouses were used to talk about the news and play games with each other. As they spread to England in the 17th century, coffeehouses also became a place to learn and conduct business; they were for men of any occupation or social standing. Coffee has always been rooted in human interaction.

Secondly, caffeine stimulates your brain’s production of dopamine—increasing your ability to focus and concentrate on the conversation. We’re simply wired to feel more at ease with a cup in our hand.

And finally, we meet for coffee because drinking it makes us happy, and no one wants to drink alone. Interest in specialty coffees has boomed in recent years. As consumers, we’re more refined in our taste selections, and we hold our coffee suppliers to a higher standard. Whether it’s at the café or in your home, drinking a good cup of coffee should be an experience. That perfect cup affords a chance to slow down, enjoy the smell, the taste, and just listen.

I’ve cultivated some of my best relationships over a cup—even made important life decisions during a coffee conversation. It’s impossible to separate people from coffee and the past year has proved how true that is. I’m ready to get back to my coffee talks.

So, reach out, tag us on Instagram and let us know how you’re connecting over a cup of Gento Coffee.




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