What is so Special About 100% Origin Coffee?

100% Origin Coffee means that the product is grown, roasted, and packaged in the country of origin. In our case Guatemala! While “origin coffee” can also be “single origin” or “single farm” coffees, 100% origin coffee means all the value is added at the country where the product is grown. 

This means we make our supply chain as short as possible and keep direct relationships with the producers we buy from throughout the year. Furthermore, 100% origin products guarantee various hands are employed in-country, and the activity generates revenue and raises taxes locally, benefiting the country of origin. 

It also means that we partner with growers to produce more and better coffees by collaborating and sharing knowledge on a continuous basis. Not only do we assure that the producer gets a better income, but we can assure that you get a high-quality product at an affordable price because our supply chain is tighter.

We are farmers ourselves (you can taste our family coffee “Don Roberto”), so we understand the challenges farmers have in our country. We also know how difficult it is for farmers, especially small farmers, that sell their coffee at commodity prices to survive economically. By cutting the middlemen and adding value to the products this guarantees that we can pay beyond fair-trade prices to farmers directly. And while this has to do a lot more with our business model (you can read about it here), than with “Origin Coffee” itself, we believe at Gento Coffee that this new model that focuses on improving conditions for all, will help us improve the livelihoods of many Guatemalan families.

Gento Coffee comes directly from the source and is freshly roasted, so pretty much as fresh as it gets! By the time you receive your coffee it will be rested and full of delicious flavors.

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