Why Altitude in Coffee Matters

Why Altitude in Coffee Matters

The relationship between altitude and coffee is extremely important. The higher the altitude the more complex flavors your coffees develop. 

How it works:

How cooler temperatures affect the flavor profile of coffee beans and cherries


The higher the altitude, the colder the temperatures. The colder the temperatures, the slower the coffee cherry ripens. The slower the cherry ripening, the more time sugars can cingulate and create a mouthwatering cup of coffee. 

Different flavor profiles at different elevations:

Coffee flavor profiles at different elevations and altitudes
The higher the altitude, the more complex the coffee cherry profile is, ensuring a more flavorful cup of coffee.  

Country elevation comparison:

How Guatemala compares to other countries in their coffee elevations and altitudes


When cherries ripen at different times, the sugars create different flavors. At each elevation, there is a unique profile. 

Gento’s coffees are all grown +1500m and above to ensure all specialty coffees ensure a distinct aroma, complex flavors, and an overall better experience. 

Here are some of our different coffee selections at different elevations:

How Gento coffees elevations changes flavor by each bag


Next time you fall in love with a cup of coffee, check out what altitude that coffee was grown to see which flavor profiles you like best.

Until next time - stay grounded, 

The Gento Coffee Team

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