Why Should I Choose Gento Coffee?

Why Should I Choose Gento Coffee?

Quality that Empowers
Gento Coffee started with an idea eight years ago to revolutionize inefficient coffee value chains. Most farmers do not have direct access to the coffee market and must rely on middlemen to sell and distribute their coffee. Since coffee is a commodity, a volatile market and low prices means small profit for farmers. According to the Coffee Barometer, of a $200 billion industry, “only 10% of the aggregate wealth of coffee stays within the producing countries.”

By providing direct access to the best Guatemalan coffees produced 100% at origin, Gento has changed the coffee game. By eliminating middlemen, all our coffee is grown, freshly roasted in small batches, packaged and shipped directly from Guatemala. This allows Gento to generate more value in-country to create a more equitable coffee experience and pay farmers beyond even fair-trade prices.

What else makes Gento so special? 

A Farm-to-Cup Experience

  • Gento curates the highest-quality specialty coffees with unique flavor profiles from around Guatemala
  • All coffee is hand-picked at peak ripeness
  • Coffees are roasted in small batches by the people who grow it – farmer roasted
  • Ships freshly roasted at peak freshness - as fresh as coffees get

Investing in a Better Future
  • Female owned and founded
  • Gento promotes economic, social, and environmental sustainability to empower future generations of coffee farmers
  • 10% of all profits go directly to Guatemalan food security and education programs
  • Pays beyond fair trade prices to empower equity within the coffee supply chain
  • More income to farmers means better livelihoods, education, and food security for them and their families

Guatemalan Coffee
  • Microclimates: Guatemala’s unique microclimates, created through diverse geographic conditions create a nuanced and unique flavor of coffee beans.
  • Shade-grown: beyond the importance of shade to preserve biodiversity and natural ecosystems, shade allows the cherries to mature slower, allowing more sugars and better flavors to concentrate in each cherry.
  • Altitude: Guatemalan coffees are grown at higher altitude which means a more pronounced aroma, sweetness, and acidity.
  • Volcanic Soil: The best coffees are cultivated in soils rich in minerals from volcanic or from limestone deposits. With 34 volcanoes, Guatemala is ideal for producing excellent coffees.
  • Diversity: Guatemala’s extensive diversity in terroir offers a wide range of flavors, from sweet and balanced to intense fruit notes, so any coffee lover can find its perfect match.

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