Halloween Candy and Coffee Pairings

Halloween is this Sunday, and Gento has an idea for what to do with all of that leftover candy. You bought that extra candy on purpose, put it to good use by pairing your favorite with a Monday morning cup of coffee.

Here our are recommended coffee and candy pairings:

Good Morning Blend and Hershey's Chocolate
Good Morning Blend's notes of dark chocolate and plum pair perfectly with a simple chocolate bar.

  halloween candy and coffee pairings


Alberto Pablo and Starburst

 Prefer non-chocolate Halloween candy? Alberto Pablo's juicy notes of red grapes, mandarin, and black cherry will jump out when eaten with this fruity treat.

 lighted roasted coffee


Genaro Juárez and Twix

If you haven't gotten your caramel fix yet, try a cup of Genaro Juárez (with caramel notes) and a Twix.

 halloween candy and coffee pairings


Petrona Perez and KitKat

Petrona Perez's sugar cane and chocolate notes pairs nicely with a simple chocolate wafer.

 halloween candy and coffee pairings 


Blend Maya and Reese's

If you haven't eaten all of the Reese's Pumpkins yet, then you're doing Halloween wrong. But if you do have any leftover they go perfectly with Blend Maya's dark roast and chocolate notes.

 halloween candy and coffee pairings


Isabella and Almond Joy

Isabella's notes of cocoa, orange, and dried fruit would pair nicely with coconut flavored chocolate. 

 isabella antigua guatemala coffee

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