Grand Cru Washed Geisha

Grand Cru Washed Geisha

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Coffee Spoon for tasting notes - taste the specialty coffee of Gento
Tasting Notes Bright acidity with notes of jasmine and mandarin and a tea-like body
The unique coffee regions throughout Guatemala where are specialty coffee is produced Region Fraijanes
Gento works with producers throughout Guatemala to ensure living wage, pays beyond fair trade prices Producer Ellen Prentice
Altitude, how high up the coffee was grown this is important for taste and coffee profile notes Altitude 1,750mts
coffee Varietals taste the different flavors and profiles within each coffee bean Varietal Geisha
Process how we wash the coffee and process the beans from sun drying to other methods Process Fully washed and sun-dried


Our limited-edition Grand Cru Series presents exotic varieties and processes from our award-winning farm. These microlots were selected because of their amazing quality and unique flavor attributes for the ultimate coffee experience. 

Our Washed Geisha is a delicate tea-like variety that originated in Ethiopia and has gained popularity as the most expensive coffee in the world. This cup has bright acidity with notes of jasmine and mandarin. Pre-order to receive a freshly roasted limited edition 10oz tin.