Green Beans Alberto Herrera
Green Beans Alberto Herrera
Green Beans Alberto Herrera
Green Beans Alberto Herrera

Green Beans Alberto Herrera

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Tasting Notes Juicy and complex with notes of ripe grapes, tangerine, and chocolate.
Score 86.5+ 
Region Huehuetenango
Producer Alberto Herrera, Harvest 2021
Altitude 1,800mts
Varietal Caturra

Double washed and sun-dried


Don Alberto Herrera is the owner of a small farm in the mountains of San Antonio Huista, Huehuetenango. In 2020 we purchased his winning lot from the Huistkaphe competition and decided to continue growing the relationship by purchasing this year's micro-lot presenting unique red fruit flavors and high complexity. Don Alberto comes from a long family tradition of coffee farmers and is proud to produce high-quality specialty coffee alongside his family. This coffee is grown at a high altitude, under shade, allowing the coffee cherries to mature slowly. Careful attention was placed in the fermentation process to produce an excellent cup.

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