Green Beans Genaro Juárez
Green Beans Genaro Juárez
Green Beans Genaro Juárez
Green Beans Genaro Juárez

Green Beans Genaro Juárez

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Tasting Notes Sweet and juicy, with floral and caramel notes.
Score 86.5+ 
Region San Marcos
Producer Genaro Juárez, Harvest 2021
Altitude 1,750mts
Varietal Bourbón

Fully washed and sun-dried


This coffee is produced by a small coffee farmer named Genaro Juarez, he is a member of a cooperative called APPAECE, and has won multiple awards and recognition from the Best of  San Marcos regional competition.  Genaro is a leader in the cooperative and places lots of care in his fully certified organic coffee production. Genaro along with his family care for the farm and process their high-quality coffee in an artisanal way. The farm is located in the area of San Pedro Sacatepequez, which because of its altitude, volcanic soils, and microclimate produces unique coffees with delicious sweetness and floral notes.

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